Seek to Inspire Before you Expire



See now? You’re stuck. All you women were like “psh, what? pregnancy? what? i got this”, and all of you guys were like “ew, pregnancy, what? disgusting, not reading”, and then you saw “HOT” and “PHOTOS” and now I’ve got you.

Now that you’re all mine, as a general population, buckle up (okay, so some of you guys are just going to scroll and find the photos and never read a thing… it’s cool).

PREGNANCY is like the four-letter word of the fitness industry. To women it’s the death sentence to their self-esteem, their smooth skin and their halfway decent or all the way sexy stomach. To men it’s the death sentence on their sex life, their sanity, and their S/O’s self esteem (and therefore, their future sex life). It means late-night pineapple runs and early morning hold-her-hair-back-while-she-pukes, and a squirmy squirrely naked needy child with an insecure mother who doesn’t know her body and doesn’t want to touch it, let alone allow you and your man parts within grenade launching distance of it.

But guess what? It doesn’t need to be.

When I found out I was pregnant (I’ll spare you the gory details) my thoughts went as follows:

1. Oh, sh*t.

2. That was fast.

3. My man is going to kill me.

4. I’m gonna get fat.

5. I just had coffee.

I proceeded to cry and then call my sister, and then guess what the next thing I did was? I ate 423 donut holes.

No. I googled information about exercise while pregnant, found out the general concept is “if you were doing it before and it didn’t hurt, you can keep doing it” and went for a 6 mile run.


I proceeded to work out aggressively my whole pregnancy. I lifted moderately, did plenty of cardio, ate healthy (with an occasional treat), swam, biked, ran, jumped, practiced bikram/hot yoga, you name it. Every time I went in, the baby was great and I was even better.

I gained a total of 17 lbs and lost 3 the last trimester, and the last week I swam a mile a day since my knees and feet hurt. I had a healthy delivery and an awesome baby boy, and the day after I was back to pre-preggo weight…

but not pre-preggo me.

I lost myself. My whole pregnancy I felt sexy and strong, and my man was all leggo-my-preggo to everyone else and super into me; I had porn star boobs out of nowhere and and the sex drive of a rhino on crack. It was awesome.

Post pregnancy, my body felt foreign to me. My curves were different; I had hips, boobs, more junk in my trunk, and I felt like a machine. All you do is feed your child and change diapers and stress out for several months. You go into zombie mode, and you lose yourself.

Here I am at 8 months pregnant:

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 8.07.13 PM

2 weeks postpartum:

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 8.06.44 PM

5 months postpartum:


7 months postpartum:


and 13 months postpartum (this past week, at my first show – I’m the one second from the middle on the right):


So hey you. Yea, you (you gentlemen may want to stop reading now, or you may like to keep reading so you can use this to empower someone you care about, or to log away for future reference).

You, hiding in your sweatpants from a world that wants to see if you’ve got a celebrity body along with your three kids, or your one kid, or your no kids and your miserable self image.

You, thinking “yes, but that’s not possible for me”.

You, wondering how this happens.

You, wishing your S/O had the drive and ambition to get their body back, too. Or wishing you did.

You, filling your own head with lies, listening to negativity, choosing to believe that it’s not possible, or you can’t, or you won’t, or you don’t have the willpower, or the resources, or the stamina, or the support system.

Get off your butt, make some small choices, step forward, believe, start moving.

I would never have thought this was possible. Someone said “that’s crazy progress in only a year”. You know what I was thinking? I could’ve been in way better shape much sooner if I’d had the knowledge base (a.k.a. started lifting and been on a healthy meal plan rather than being a cardio bunny and hardly eating post baby).

You can do this, you can start today. If this isn’t for you, you can help someone else do this.

You deserve this. Mommas in particular, I want to talk to you: dispose of the lies that say your investment into yourself – your mental, physical, emotional wellbeing – is selfish. If your children consume you, you will not be a good mother. You not only deserve the time to yourself, you deserve to be everything you can be for them, and that includes confident and beautiful. You deserve to rediscover yourself, to absolutely LOVE your body, to feel like a bombshell AND a mom. YOU DESERVE THIS. I know you want it. Get after it.

If you have questions and comments, post them below, and go hit up my Instagram for more daily inspiration:

This was MY journey, and it’s not over yet. I am “finding myself” more and more every day. I know who I am and love who I am 10 million times more post-baby than I ever did before.

You can, too!

Join me!





4 thoughts on “Seek to Inspire Before you Expire

  1. momof2 says:

    I’m seriously so impressed with what you’ve been able to accomplish – thanks for providing inspiration to those of us who don’t want to be that stereotypical 20 lbs overweight mom 😉

    My stats –
    – I have 2 kids (ages 2 and 6 months)
    – I worked out through both pregnancies (focused on cardio with the first and did more strength training throughout the second pregnancy). I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight and gained muscle before getting pregnant with the second.
    – I have been working out since 5.5 weeks postpartum with this last pregnancy. I currently look like what you did at 5 or 7 months postpartum (maybe somewhere in between the two).
    – I work out 3-4 times a week (mostly weights (10lbs)/strength training intervals/one day of cardio – I hate cardio, I’ll be honest) for 30-45 minutes. With two kids, I’m tired a lot and have limited time, but this is what I’ve found I can fit in for now.
    – I eat and cook about 90% clean. Dairy and gluten intolerances make my food options limited (which I don’t mind). But there are definitely times I splurge 😉

    What would you recommend for someone in my situation? My goal isn’t an NPC body, I’ll be honest, but I’d like to see more results if possible. I’m happy with the strength that I have and am gaining, but coming back after baby 2 is kicking my ass a little more than recovering with baby 1 did, time-wise and energy-wise. Any advice?

    Thanks for your time!

    • momof2 says:


      Forgot to add: I ate healthy throughout both pregnancies – gained 19lbs first time, 22lbs the second (but that could’ve also been due to the muscles I built while pregnant!)… I’m still about 10lbs out from my goal weight.

      Also, I’m breastfeeding which can complicate stuff.

    • jenmarie1987 says:

      Hey sexy momma!
      Okay, so first of all you probably are eating clean, but not hitting your macros. Diet is everything! I’m dairy and gluten intolerant, too. I have one meal a week where I splurge.

      You don’t need hours in the gym and strenuous cardio to improve. You need to build your lean muscle mass and increase your metabolic rate so that you can burn more fat at a resting heart rate. The best advice I have for you is to get on a specific plan from my coach because while i WANT to give everyone their own plan right now, I just can’t!

      email and she will work with your food intolerances, budget, time, energy, goals, weaknesses, favorite foods, you name it. she’s got you. xoxoxo

      you can do this 🙂 you just need more specific guidance! @momof2

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