New Years REZ: simplified.

New Years REZ: simplified.

I started to write out my New Year’s resolutions… and they got really long and complicated. Yes, I want to learn French, martial arts, get my Masters degree, etc.

But since I’m not the queen of brevity, I sat and thought a bit and was able to summarize.

This year, I want to:

1. Be more: open myself up to love and to healing, and let myself shine rather than suffocating my personality or dreams to keep other people happy or unintimidated.
2. Do more: go hard after my dreams with all of the bull-headed tenacity I love about myself. Get it done. Do what I want (within reason), rather than what I’m “supposed” to.
3. Love more: more time with my son and more time with good friends. Narrow my circle and invest in those people. Have a few people that know me well rather than a hundred that know me slightly.
4. Learn more: keep an open mind. Take the best I can from every friendship and relationship; read, grow, explore, travel. Pay off debt and save money to secure my future.
5. Breathe more: take the time to slow down and think, to listen to God’s voice and guidance and to enjoy the simple things.

2013 was a year of pain, hard lessons, courage, and brokenness.

May my New Year be a year of healing, empowerment, beauty, love, and grace.

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One thought on “New Years REZ: simplified.

  1. Love this post — very authentic and real. I have only known you for a short amount of time and I’m already confident that 2014 is going to be an amazingly successful year for you! At the risk of sounding cliche, keep being true to your self and your son — everything else will fall in place.

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