Fear and Regret

Fear is no true motivator.

Have you ever been chased by something? When you are being chased by something you are afraid of – something you are running from, there is very little direction as to where you are running to. Your gut instinct is simply to get away, to escape.

If you are running through the woods and being chased by a bear, you may have some idea of a direction in which you want to go, but at the root you are only focused on getting away. You want to be ANYWHERE but there. 

You will never realize your full potential in life if you spend it running from fears. 

People who work, live, love, and act out of fear are crippled by the inability to set a straight course. They run a zigzag pattern through life because they just want to get away. 

When you are motivated from fear, there is no true course, no steady hand, no real grip on the helm. There is only a frenzied and impassioned desire to escape.

Fears can drive you, but they will not make you. 

“We all walk in the dark – each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light.” – E. Nightingale

If you’re looking for passion, joy, fulfillment, success, and completion in life, you must first stop running. 

Face your past. Face your insecurities. Face your fears: of failure, of loss, of pain, of being alone, of repeating mistakes your parents made, or mistakes you’ve made before. Face fears that seem rational, or irrational. Put them in their place. Turn them away with a steady hand. Set your course, and stop running FROM something. 

If you want to realize your full potential, you must instead learn to run TO something. 

When you stop allowing your fears and past regrets to chase you, you have the ability to press on powerfully and purposefully TOWARD your goal. Your vision becomes clear. Your course, straight. You pass milestone after milestone with steady steps, a consistent pace. There is no zigzagging away from what is behind you, there is only pressing on toward what is in front of you. 

You will never fully illuminate your present path until you’ve exposed the darkest corners of your soul to the light. 

Deal with your fears, deal with your regrets, and leave fear behind.



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