Monthly Archives: September 2016

Eyes Wide Open

There comes a time in life
Where wisdom, not bitterness
Drives a relentless choosing
Mindful mechanisms
Instinct borne of experience
A deep and powerful panic
The child of pain
Forced awareness
Eyes wide open
Innocence robbed of naïveté
Joy, emptied of trust, turns a skeptic’s shoulder.
The battering repeat
Bitter rain
A wash cycle of torment
Automating flight
From shadows of bygone mistakes.
Calloused gestures
Selfish hearts
Using, abusing, discarding
On a moment’s whim
Cheap copies of love
Tearing apart the patient heart
Of a childlike lover
Wide eyed trust turned to
Bruised heart
And broken spirit.
Battle wounds of the past
Open, weeping
Seeping into present choices
Informing, empowering
A new voice
Eyes wide open
Insight unjaded,
An unfaltering “no”
Spoken harsh and true
At the wavering shades of darkness
In troubled, angry hearts
Copies of past lovers
Denied in efforts
To reuse, reabuse, again discard
The sacrificial love
Of an innocent heart.
The currency of brokenness
Closed doors
Once open to all comers.
The children of experience
Blossoming into caution
Self respect
And newfound courage to walk alone.