Monthly Archives: July 2017

Falsifying Strength

Mild-mannered meaningless

Timid betrayal of introspection

The forced security of mandated strength

Circumstance and need

Driving the willful avoidance of self analysis

Exploration of pain

The self proclaimed antithesis of progress

Admittance of burdens

A crippling foray into unknown darkness.

Time and wisdom offering shifted lens

Begrudging admittance of chosen ignorance

Real-time trauma the perpetual catalyst

Of simmering, painful personhood

Primed and ready to erupt

In a virtual fountain of brokenness and fear.

Is strength then truly measured

By a profound ability

To stubbornly fight for passionless pride?

Or simply a misplaced confidence

In a facade of ignorant self betrayal

A sham of self sufficiency

The hangman’s noose of forward progress.